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This feature is a visualization tool that allows you to optimize your workflow. Using the "Kanban Board" will enable you to properly manage the tasks of your projects within your team or organization and boost your productivity.

The "Kanban board" option allows you to visualize all the steps and tasks of the project. You can move a job from one stage to another (from left to right). For example, like all activities that follow the same execution process, you can create the following steps: "To do,"; "In progress,"; "Test,"; "Validate,"; or "Blocked." Then, when the task is completed, first step is for the assigned to move the task from the "To do" step to the "In progress" step. The progress is admirable. It allows you to see the progress of your studies in the table.

To view all project steps and tasks:

    - Click Kanban Board

    - To create your project stages:

    - Click on “Steps”, You will see a window open.

    - Write the step name in the indicated cell

    - Click the “Add Stage” button to save.

    - You have the possibility to see the details and to edit a step

    - You have the possibility to see the details and to delete a step.

Thank you for learning a little more about KPIP and improving your performance.

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