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When you click on the "Users" feature, you will see on a new page the total number of licenses available to the company that you have chosen, the number of requests you have already used, the number of licenses you have left to use, and a table with all the KPIP users you have already registered. In the “Action” part, you can edit the information or delete a user.

The “Show Entries" option allows you to set the number of users you want to have per page.

The “Search” option allows you to quickly search for a user by entering the latter’s name.

To add a user, click on the “Add” button. Enter the user's email address you want to add and click on the “Next” button on the new page that appears button. On the new page, enter the user's name, email address, and a temporary password that they will change. Select the module(s) you want to assign to it as well as the access(es) you want to give it, then click on the “Save” button.


To remove a module or access a user, click on the “Users” feature present on the dashboard. On the new page displayed, click on the “Edit” button present in the action part of the user in question. On the new page, click on the “x” sign of the module or the access you wish to remove, then on the “Save” button to save.


1 - Function of the modules

Products - Kprimesoft Technologies 


Client Relationship Management: The CRM module allows you to integrate your customer data effectively in a secure environment. Your customer interactions and follow-ups are adequately categorized to identify the best leads to increase sales. And finally, with the electronic signature functionality, you will be able to optimize the time of your customers and your staff for a better return on investment.


Inventory Control and Management: The IMS module allows users to manage their stocks perfectly. It is your production or sales stock; you closely monitor the level of units, anticipate your replenishment schedule and avoid any shortages that could harm your customer satisfaction and your reputation.


Human Resource Management: The HRmmodule odulemoduleable to track timesheets, vacations, benefits,s, and payroll of your employees. With this tool, you will be able to effectively manage and effortlessly communicate with your staff for higher productivity for your organization.


Accounting management: The AMS module allows users to account for their activities, calculate their cash flows, and transparently determine transactions losses in a fully integrated environment. Like all other modules included in KPIP, you will have access to an innovative dashboard that will provide you with an excellent overview of trends and help you make timely decisions.


Court Files Management: THEMIS module allows a user to easily coordinate and execute various activities related to a court case Adding new clients or creating new cases topics. THEMIS is intuitive dynamic, and interactive. You can track progress and communicate quickly with relevant parties. Electronic invoicing will allow you to send your invoices to your customers by email or SMS and receive notifications as actions are taken. Several payment options such as credit PayPal, PayPa,and others are available for your customers. You can create specific templates that suit your needs and be able to reuse them as many times as needed, saving you time and money. You have a dashboard that gives you a view of your organization’s performance. You will include the critical information you want to see and access it anytime and anywhere.


Real Estate management: The module ReMS allows the user to manage the teal estate dossiers comfortably. Makes it easy to connect with your customers or tenants interactively to resolve urgent issues. Your customers will appreciate that invoices can be sent electronically by their email. They will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the multiple online payment options available. You have an interactive and dynamic dashboard to allow you to track critical information about your daily operations and take quick action if necessary.


Work distribution management: The WDM module allows users to manage and distribute tasks. Gantt chart visualization tools accentuates teamwork, collaboration, transparency, and project planning. With this module, you will quickly assign tasks to your staff, plan projects and set deadlines. Employees can assign themselves tasks and will be able to view assigned tasks in their queue, as well as updates on progress. With WDM, you will always know the tasks and projects that are completed and those in progress. Staff will provide their assessment online, but the system will also use an internal algorithm to indicate the true status actual the assigned work or project. As you view your employees' progress, you can quickly provide feedback on tasks considered their feedback. When you receive a new task assigned to you, WDM sends a notification, or a posted comment addressed to you. You will receive alerts when a task or project is not completed on time. This will allow you to react quickly and ensure you get back on track. The system evaluates and rates the work performance of employees. This makes it possible to know the employee’snal performance undertake readjustments for improvement if this proves to be necessary.

2 - Access function

A- HRM Payroll

Ability to access Paystub: The functionality allows a user to access paystubs.

The management of salaries and paystubs is a susceptible point in any organization. Only a certain number of employees should be able to manage paystubs.

This feature gives the power to access paystubs and perform all related actions.

B - Add Expenses transaction 

To integrate expense transactions: The functionality tllows ususers concerto incorporates transactions.

The integration, tracking, and tracing of expense transactions are necessary for appropriathe te management of funds within an organization.

This feature gives the power to integrate expense transactions and perform all related actions.

C- View Cash-on-hand Balance

Ability to view cash balance: The functionality tallows a user to view the company's cash balance

Periodically viewing the company's cash balance is essential as not to be surprised by the lack of funds when an expense must be made. Only a few staff members can view the cash balance.

This feature gives the power to view the cash balance of the company.

D - HRM-no-edit

View without the power to edit employee information: The functionality allows users to view employee information without modifying it.

Knowing and saving the information of the employees of your organization is essential for ample use in case of need. For more incredible excel, excellent ability information cannot be modified by all users. The appropriate Human Resources personnel should only perform this action.

This feature prevents an HRM user from identifying employee information if they are not authorized 

E - All-Clients-Data-Access 

  Ability to visualize client’s information: The functionality allows userusersview company customer information.

Protecting your customers information and exchanges you have help prevent information disclosure leaks. This allows you not only to not shake their trust in you but also to keep them in your organization.

This feature gives the power to view customers, their information, interactions and perform all related actions.

F- All-Employee-Data-Access

Ability to find and use employee contact information: The functionality allows users to find the contact details of employees of the company and to be able to use them in the system.

Protecting employee data is very cl in managing human resources in an organization and therefore cannot be seen by all.

This feature gives the outlets the information and perform aperformsted actions.

G- Admin

Ability to perform the same actions as the primary administrator: The functionality that allows a user to achieve the same roles as the primary KPIP administrator.

It may happen that the main administrator of KPIP is not available in case of emergency to perform an action in KPIP which he alone is able to do, assign the same roles or access that the main administrator of KPIP has to another KPIP user within the organization would know how to resolve the emergency.

This feature gives another KPIP user the same roles or access as the primary administrator.

H- ParentCompanyLevel-access 

Power of access to sub-units of the parent company: The functionality that allows a user through his unique KPIP workspace to haccess the financial statement at the company's leveland the business units.

The manager or a member of the ad company’s administration must see everything related to its financed units through their unique access to the KPIP. This allows to have a global, better, and more accurate view of the company’s finances as a whole.

This functionality gives the power to access the financial statement at the company’s level and the company’s unity.


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