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Here, we can create orders for our customers, search for an already created order and even cancel them.

See screenshot.

As shown in the screenshot, Orders gives us access to a table that provides us a visual of all the orders created and information related to the orders, such as:

  1. Order number.
  2. Date of the order.
  3. Name of the customer
  4. Final amount
  5. Order status (new, completed, canceled)


With the Add button we can create a new order.

See screenshot. 

A form is displayed after a button is clicked. You can find any information related to the specific order.

N.B: All fields * must complete generating the order.

Once the form is filled with the fields * also filled we can validate to complete the creation with the button Save. See screenshot.


And finally, we have the Action part, which allows us to carry out three different actions:

  1. View an order
  2. Clone an order
  3. Cancel an order.

Once an order is created, it is added to the table with the information assigned to it and with the status New

N.B: An order created in CRM; the same order is systematically generated in IMS at the Order level. You can either Accept or Reject an order in this section. It will automatically be updated in CRM.

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