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NOTIFICATION of the CRM module allows us to be able to send messages or notifications to the customers of our base. We can thus inform our customers of our new offers, of a delivery which will be made to them or already made, which will be delayed or etc...

Infinite are the possibilities that this feature offers us. It gives us access to:

  1. A summary of the content of the notification in a table
  2. A search bar if we are looking for a particular notification
  3. A button to send new notifications
  4. An action part that allows to view and deactivate an existing notification.

See screenshot.


As shown in the picture above, the table gives a brief idea of the content of the notifications that are sent. The information provided by the table is the following:

  • The recipient of the notification (the customer)
  • The type of notification (Individual or Group)
  • Whether it is a recurring notification or not
  • The title of the notification
  • The type of notification (email)


The search bar gives us the possibility of being able to search for a notification that has already been created in the company's database.


As said before this part allows us to notify our customers, to inform them.


There are 3 kinds of notifications in our NOTIFICATION feature, which are:


This kind of message is a one-way message; it is intended for one person only. See screenshot.

 Immediate notification

This notification is to be sent immediately once the information in the form has been filled in. Once validated, the message is sent directly to the recipient. This is the default type of notification because the Now option is selected by default.See screenshot.

Program notification

Here the notification is not to be sent immediately. So instead of the Now option seen before we select the Schedule option. Once this is done, a new column appears (Expected date), this column gives us the possibility to choose a sending date for the notification.


This type of message is also intended for a recipient but unlike an individual, the message is sent to a group containing several clients. So for this type of message it is necessary to first create a group of customer and insert the customers who are part of it (This part is not part of this documentation but is more detailed in DETAILED MANUAL OF GROUP OPERATION IN CRM ). See screenshot.

N.B: Just as with the individual notification, we also sent immediate or program notifications.


This is the last type of message. A recurrent notification is a notification that is sent periodically; and regarding the period it is configurable according to our needs. To activate a recurrent notification you have to click on the button Is recurrent? or the button No on the same line.

After selecting the recurring type of notification, two new columns appear: 

  1. Recurring cycle: This column allows us to select the periodic cycle according to which the notification will be sent. This cycle can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on our needs. 

2. Recurring end date: Contrary to the previous column, this one allows us to set the end date of the recurring notification, from which date the notifications will not be sent anymore. 

See the screenshots

N.B: Fields with * must be filled in before you can save and send a notification.

So after choosing the kind of notification to send to our customer, and all the necessary fields filled in, we can now save and send our notification to the concerned customer. See screenshots.

Then to finish we have the Action part which allows us to

  • View a notification already sent.
  • Disable notification

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